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San Diego Corporate Law

San Diego Corporate Law is a corporate attorney service for corporate, securities, contract, and intellectual property law for small and medium businesses.More specifically, the corporate attorney services provided by San Diego Corporate Law include the formation of business entities such as corporations, s-corps, and LLCs; assistance with financing through the sale of debt and equity securities; the provision of contract drafting and contract review services; prosecution and exploitation of trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets; mergers and acquisitions; and a host of other legal services.Established in 2009, San Diego Corporate Law is pleased to count among its clients businesses in the healthcare, biotechnology, multimedia production, insurance, publishing, financial services, construction, textiles, engineering, logistics, manufacturing, non-profit, and personal services industries, and other law firms.San Diego Corporate Law believes in billing practices that are upfront and honest. When possible, the corporate attorney services provided by San Diego Corporate Law are offered on flat-fee pricing terms. However, corporate attorney services with variable or unpredictable duration are billed at an hourly rate.

4655 Cass Street, Suite 407

San Diego, California 92109

Phone: 858-483-9200